Edit the Website

You can edit the existing website content by changing the text in PHP files, and by replacing photos in the "images" directory.

Changing the Text

Page Text - Each page has its own PHP file. For example, "about-us.php" is the file for the About Us page. The PHP files can be updated using editing tools such as Sublime Text, or common text editors like Notepad (MS Word is not recommended). Make a backup of the file before you start! That way it's easy to revert in case you make a mistake.

Sitewide Content (banners) - Filenames that begin with "_include" are used throughout the website. Here's a list of the _include files and where you can find them in the current website. (Also - click the photo in the sidebar for an illustration).

Banner Locations

  • _include-home-slide-banner.php = Home page, the banner with a slideshow
  • _include-extra-banner.php = All pages, the banner that has "What Our Clients Say"
  • _include-feature-banner.php = Home page, the banner that has "Website Features" and three icons
  • _include-profile-banner.php = Home page, the banner that says "Who We Are" and photos of people
  • _include-footer.php = All pages, the dark banner at the bootom
  • _include-header.php = All pages, the logo and menu at the top
  • _include-sidebar.php = Selected pages, the content on the side of the page.

Removing Banners - Open the file (e.g., "about-us.php") where you want to remove a banner from the page. Deactivate the banner by finding the code that "includes" it and adding two slashes before the word "include,"" like this example:

  • This is active:
    <?php include "_include-extra-banner.php"; ?>
  • Add two slashes to make it inactive:
    <?php // include "_include-extra-banner.php"; ?>
You could also simply delete the line altogether if you're positive you don't want it there. But make a backup, just in case!

Changing the Photos

Look in the "images" folder to find website pictures. If you upload your images using the existing filenames, then you won't have to update the code.

  • Main photos (about-us.jpg, etc) are 758x255 JPG files
  • Profile photos (profile1.jpg, etc) are 261x210 JPG files
  • Slideshow photos (slide01.jpg, etc) are 410x228 JPG files
All of the existing photos came from Unsplash.com where you can download photos for free.

Contact Form

Open "_contact-settings.php" to edit the settings:

  • reCAPTCHA requires keys. If you already have a Google account, then it only takes a couple of minutes: Google.com/recaptcha/admin
  • Don't change any of the names with capital letter (like "MAIL_HOST")
  • Look on the right side for tips or requirements (such as "true or false")
  • Get SMTP info from your hosting provider